Terms and Conditions

Professional Staff

The terms and conditions of employment contained in the Professional Staff Collective Agreement 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2019 shall apply to this Offer of Employment.

These terms and conditions automatically apply to staff who are members of the union where their work comes within the coverage clause in the collective agreement. The University also offers these terms and conditions to individual staff members who are not a member of the union where their work comes within the coverage clause in the collective agreement.

Entitlement to Work

This offer of employment is subject to and conditional on you providing valid documentation (such as a NZ passport/citizenship or a valid visa/permit) to show that you are entitled to perform the duties in NZ at this University.  This offer of employment may be withdrawn if you do not satisfy this condition.

At all times during your employment you must continue to be entitled to perform your duties in NZ, meet the conditions of any visa/permit, and notify the University of any change that may affect your entitlement to perform your duties in NZ.  The University may, in its discretion, require you to take leave without pay or terminate your employment where you fail to meet this provision.

Annual Leave Accrual

You will receive five weeks annual leave, pro-rated.  All applications for leave are to be discussed with your manager in the first instance and then submitted through our electronic employee self-service system for formal approval.

The University at its discretion at times allows anticipation of annual leave before it is accrued.  If you apply for and are granted annual leave in advance of your accrued entitlement, and then subsequently resign or otherwise leave the employment of the University prior to accruing the leave you have taken in anticipation, the value of the anticipated annual leave will be recovered from your final pay.

Conditional Offer

In the application process for this position you agreed that the University may undertake relevant pre-employment checks.  You acknowledge that the University has relied on the representations made by or on behalf of you in offering you the position and that had it known that any representations were incorrect it may not have made the offer.  Therefore, notwithstanding any other provisions, if, subsequent to this offer, relevant pre-employment checks prove unsatisfactory to the University, then that will constitute grounds for disciplinary action and possible dismissal or cancellation of the offer of employment.

Further Information

Please contact your manager if you have any questions concerning your duties and the Department.  If you have any queries concerning any matter connected with this offer, please contact the HR Services team on 64 9 923 1115, email recruitment@auckland.ac.nz.

Under the Employment Relations Act 2000, the University advises as follows:

1. The duties to be performed by you are covered in the Professional Staff Collective Agreement 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2019.

2. For the first thirty days of your employment you are employedPerm on an individual employment agreement which include the terms and conditions of the collective agreement, and any additional terms and conditions that have been mutually agreed and are not inconsistent with those in the collective agreement.

3. You may elect to join one of the following unions that are party to the collective agreement:

The New Zealand Tertiary Education Union

Room 417 Fisher Building University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142
Telephone: (09) 373 7599 ext 85169 or (09) 815 8029
Facsimile: (09) 373 7507
Email: enzo.giordani@teu.ac.nz or jane.kostanich@teu.ac.nz
Web: http://teu.ac.nz/join

New Zealand Public Service Association

Private Bag 68906, Auckland 1145
Telephone: (09) 376 7430
Facsimile (09) 918 4135
Web: www.psa.org.nz

4. If you join one of the above unions (or are already a member) you will be bound by the collective agreement, whilst you remain a member.  If you do not join one of the above unions, you will remain on an individual employment agreement based on the terms and conditions of the collective agreement.

Acknowledgement of terms and conditions

Agree to Terms and Conditions

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