Policy acceptance

Our policies connect the University's mission and values to the everyday actions of its community.

The policies clarify the University’s expectations of individual members of our community, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency and support compliance with our legal obligations.  All members of the University community must comply with University statutes, policies, procedures, standards, and associated documents.

Please read and accept these four policies.  After you arrive, you will be asked to familiarise yourself with additional policies that you need to comply with in order to do your job.

Health and Safety Policy

This policy aims to assist staff members and students to understand their responsibilities with respect to Health and Safety at the University, and in turn help set their expectations of the University.

IT Acceptable Use Policy

To define the responsibilities of all IT users to use and to protect IT resources appropriately.

Fraud and Corruption Policy and Procedures

To protect the University, its operations, its assets and all members of the University community from the consequences of fraudulent or corrupt activity.

Conflict of Interest Policy

To ensure that members making decisions on behalf of the University or UniServices disclose  and manage any conflict of interest they may have, and act in a manner consistent with  their responsibilities to the University or UniServices (as the case may be) and the public.

Once you have read and understood the above policies:


Agree to Policies and Procedures

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